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From "Haroon Taheri" <>
Subject Modularity of Apache 2.2.11
Date Sat, 14 Mar 2009 16:19:11 GMT
Hi all,


I am writing my thesis in business studies about modularity of open source
software at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

I try to visualize and explore the modules of Apache (2.2.11) with the
program Lattix Dependency Manager LDM ( which is creating a
so called Design Structure Matrix (DSM). The aim is to find out the modules
of Apache to make a statement of how much Apache is modularized compared to
other open source software.


I am using function calls to find out whether there is a link between two
source code files and the include-command to find out whether there is link
between a header-file and a source file, Lattix is then showing a dependency
in a matrix, when a link exists.


To validate the Apache software architecture with the DSM which LDM created,
I need someone who can explain me the structure and design of Apache in
respect of modules.

Can someone help me? Or has someone resources which I could consult?


Thanks you very much in advance!




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