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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject [mod_lua] vm management
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 05:17:46 GMT
Paul and I seem to be stepping on each others toes, so I want to
settle on how lua_State (vm) management should work.

My opinion:

* VMs are attached to apr pools.

* A pool may have several VMs attached to it
  Each VM has a name, that name is part of the key in the pool
  userdata key.

* Concurrency is up to the client
  We should not expose configuration options which will create
  concurrency issues, such as attaching a VM to the server_rec
  pool. It is very possible for someone to programmatically use the
  module to do things like that, but if they do any locking or
  resource pooling is up to them.

* One entry point to obtain VMs
  This is the apl_get_lua_state(..) function. It is passed the
  information required to either find, or create the needed
  lua_State. This is:

  - the lifecycle pool to which it is bound
  - the file name to define stuff in the lua_State
  - package load paths for the lua_State
  - package load paths for lua cmodules
  - a callback and baton to be invoked if the lua_State is created

  These can either be passed in as explicit arguments or as fields on
  a struct. The argument, as I see it, for the struct is that it
  allows adding new params without breaking API compatibility. The
  argument for seperate arguments is that it is more idiommatic and
  easier (less code) to call the function.

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