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From Kevin Deldycke <>
Subject Contributing to httpd's RPMs ?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 15:14:10 GMT
Hi !

I'm currently using httpd 2.2.x on a RHEL 4 and maintaining a custom
RPM for my customer. As such, I came across some annoyances regarding
the .spec file. Many (if not all) of these are really minor problems
like code layout, code duplication, misconfiguration and so on. As you
can see, not "true" bugs (as it doesn't stop httpd to work properly).

I now want to contribute back my fixes to the project, in the spirit
of Free Softwares. I realized that this part of the project (RPM
packages) seems old and quite untouched (base on SVN changelog, old
bug reports, etc...). I may be wrong, but it looks like nobody want to
do this (dirty ?) job.

I can create bug reports and talk about them extensively on this
mailing list. But I'm afraid that it will increase the noise. As I
don't want to waste everyone's time, here is my question: do you want
to see me send patches and fill bug reports, or to let me do my
changes directly on the subversion repository ?

I know that giving write access to an unknown person is a sensitive
subject. So, I don't know if this is meaningful, but here are some
proof that it's not the first time I contribute to Free Software

Kevin Deldycke
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