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From "Hracek, Petr" <>
Subject Sending data twice on the one request
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 14:56:42 GMT
Hello *,
I am trying to send data from server to the client side and all works
Wireshark with SSL shows me that data which I've sent has been really
But problem is that I used to following functions for sending data in my
handler (in register hook function ap_hook_handler)
r->content_type = "text/plain";
bodylen = strlen("MESSAGE TO CLIENT");
// ap_send_http_header(r);  // this is compented
int Bytes = ap_rputs("MESSAGE TO CLIENT",r);
return OK;
Problem is that data send by ap_rputs to the client side are sent twice
Wireshark shows me in the Packet details window "HyperText Transer
Protocol" and Line-base text data: text/html" twice.
Do you have any idea why data are sent twice time? Is this behavior
best regards

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