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From Gervase Markham <>
Subject Re: TLS/SNI status
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2009 11:28:23 GMT
Peter Sylvester wrote:
>> As most of you will know, supporting it in Apache requires changes to
>> OpenSSL (which we funded, and which went into version 0.9.8f) and to the
>> httpd itself. 
> I am certainly not one of those  "most". 

I apologise for the ambiguity; I meant to say that most of you will know
what supporting TLS/SNI requires (because my default polite position is
to assume those on a technical mailing list know a lot more than me),
not that most of you will know that we funded it. My intent was not to

And, in fact, looking at our records I am mistaken. It was OCSP stapling
we funded. My apologies. Please ignore those three words.


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