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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Proposed proxy logging patch
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 22:03:47 GMT
I have noticed that proxy logging about a dead server is overtly verbose 
in some circumstances.

If you use proxy_balancer to load balance over a number of servers and 
one is dead you'll get 3 lines of error logging every time it retries 
the server (to see if it's alive yet).  This can get rather obnoxious 
when you're balancing over a number of ports which may or may not have a 
server listening at the time -- and when you're allowing retries of dead 
servers with any frequency.

The attached patch changes the level of such logging to debug for 
retries of a worker known to be in an error state, leaving the level at 
error for other cases.  The result is that you get error logging when a 
server is first determined to be unavailable -- and then are simply not 
bothered about this any longer.

Note that this patch does have a little bit of unrelated WIN32-specific 
material regarding APR_SO_NONBLOCK -- as this is necessary on Windows to 
get connection timeouts to work -- at least until someone fixes the 
apr_socket_connect() implementation on Windows.

Jess Holle

P.S. I've developed a similar patch for the tomcat JK connectors as well.

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