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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r735093 - /httpd/httpd/trunk/server/mpm/winnt/child.c
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2009 18:48:20 GMT
On 19.01.2009 18:33, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Rainer Jung wrote:
>> I built trunk on XP today. When trying to run it, I get a restart loop
>> for the child process, and the error log contains repetitions of:
>> [Sun Jan 18 19:20:43 2009] [notice] Child 4556: Starting thread to
>> listen on port 8000.
>> [Sun Jan 18 19:20:43 2009] [error] (OS 10038)Ein Vorgang bezog sich auf
>> ein Objekt, das kein Socket ist.  : Child 4556: Encountered too many
>> AcceptEx faults accepting client connections. Possible causes: dynamic
>> address renewal, or incompatible VPN or firewall software.
> I'd love to know what leads into this WSAENOTSOCK ... failing to recycle
> the socket or the listener socket falling apart.  Needs review, maybe some
> extra magic to log this distinction.
> The "falling back on 'none'" is going to be a problem till I finish that
> code this week.  I'm actually attacking two problems, having each listen
> thread pay attention to up to 62 different sockets, and adding the required
> classic accept() logic.  So... this listener may be accepting on both the
> classic listen logic and the AcceptEx logic on different listeners at the
> same time.
> Restructuring the code is a little painful, but I should get through this
> by the end of the week.
> Curiosity, XP SP? -- and did you tweak apr.h(w) to enable IPV6?
>> Since it is my first trunk build on Windows (and  don't have VC6), I
>> could have well made a mistake. Just wanted to let you know the result,
>> in case you get the same.
> Yes; there is more work to be done here.  But thank you for the notes and
> I don't believe there is any difference here for VC12 vs. later compilers
> or c runtimes.

Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP 3, regular MS Update patches 
applied. APR_HAVE_IPV6 is defined to be "0", I can rebuild and retest 
with "1" later this week if that change is interesting.

I have Visual Studio .NET 2003 on the system, So I could attach the 
debugger and inspect data structures easily, if that's interesting.

Version used for build:

httpd r735283
apr 1.3.x r735290
apr-util 1.3.x r735291
apr-iconv 1.1.x r735291

zlib 1.2.3
openssl 0.9.8j
pcre 7.8

I did the build using Visual Studio by first converting the dsp files. 
Before converting them, I applied (and had to convert line 
ends on some of them). Including a recent pcre into the build was a bit 
tedious, but no other changes were needed.



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