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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: rotatelogs improvement
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2009 18:32:24 GMT
On 05.12.2008 22:41, Paul Querna wrote:
> glim wrote:
>> Greetings. If this isn't being sent to the correct list, I apologize.
>> Let me know and I'll go elsewhere.
>> I'd like to make a minor improvement to rotatelogs and wanted to check
>> with the list to see what would be most appreciated.
>> "rotatelogs" as it stands now cannot rotate by time and date in a
>> single invocation.
>> I'm willing to write a patch to do this, but as I said, I'd like to
>> find out what would best suit the community.
>> Here are some options:
>> 1. new syntax - pro: upgrade all options to use apr_getopt(), simple
>> syntax, relatively small patch to rotatelogs. con: requiring flags for
>> options will break unprepared users.
> I'd vote for doing this on trunk, 2.2.x backport can be skipped or
> rethought once we have it working.

I just found these mails. I committed a change to trunk a few days ago, 
that allows rotation based on time *and* size.

Since I wasn't sure about the configuration portability goals for 2.4, I 
chose to not introduce an incompatible syntax.

So with trunk rotatelogs you can have:

A) rotationtime|filesizeX [ offset ]


B) rotationtime filesizeX [ offset ]

C) filesizeX rotationtime offset

What will not work is:

filesizeX rotationtime

(would be interpreted as A with offset, the price we pay for compatibility).

X above has to be exactly one of the characters B,K,M,G,T, especially it 
is not allowed to be empty.



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