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Subject mod_backtrace and mod_whatkilledus to trunk?
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 14:31:26 GMT
These are in the 1.3.x branch but not trunk. From the number of hits on the  
web I'd guess that some folks have made tweaks to them but there's no  
obvious place to maintain those tweaks. (I've received a patch or two via  
e-mail before.)

Specific proposal: Take what is in 1.3 branch and port to trunk. This  
should be very close to  
and, but I'll try to  
ensure that any enhancements made in the 1.3 branch (eg, backtrace logic  
for additional platforms) are kept and I'll definitely ensure that any  
enhancements in the 2.x version which could possibly have come from folks  
other than myself or the code in the 1.3.x branch are omitted. Any such  
enhancements from other parties can be proposed later as with any other  
patch to httpd (and I'll prompt any folks I can find in old e-mails).

Note: I haven't yet checked that there are additional fixes in 1.3.x branch  
or in my copies of the versions for 2.x listed above, so this could be a  
purely theoretical issue.

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