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From Per Jessen <>
Subject missing prefer-language on nested subrequests
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 09:55:01 GMT
I'm using content negotiation with type-maps and I'm having a problem
when a subrequest does another subrequest - i.e. an #included document
does another #include.  On the first #include, 'prefer-language' is set
correctly, so negotiation can pick the right language, but on the
subsequent #include, 'prefer-language' is no longer set, and I get the

I've been tracing and debugging trying to spot the problem, but I'm not
really getting very far - I also don't know the internal apache
structure very well, which is no doubt a hinderance. 

Can anyone here perhaps help me with where to look? 


/Per Jessen, Zürich

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