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From Jayasingh Samuel <>
Subject RE: Dyanamic loading of apache hash table.
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 02:39:06 GMT

Shariq,  Thanks for your reply, I think we can use the Shared memory if we have one file which
has to be shared among all the process/thread, but my problem is i have 100's of files in
directory and i need to store them all in a hash map and arrays. 
Also I need to malloc the arrays structure dynamically. Will this possible using the shared
memory or there is any other technique for the same..?

Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 11:33:08 -0800From: shariqrizvi@gmail.comTo: jayasingh.samuel@hotmail.comSubject:
Re: Dyanamic loading of apache hash table.Hey Jaysingh,I am also running into this problem
of having to reload some state in a module through a handler. As you mentioned - the problem
here is that the loaded state is forked by the Apache process/thread structure and hence only
the process/thread that serves the handler will reload its state.I am thinking of solving
this problem in the following ways - 1) Maintain the state that needs to be reloaded in shared
memory - so that all Apache processes/threads can read the same version. I am guessing this
will be expensive.2) Terminate the processes/threads whose state has become obsolete.On top
of the mod_rewrite recommended by someone else here, I think mod_perl does something similar
too - because it has to look for modified Perl files on disk on every request.What are your
On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 5:34 AM, Jayasingh Samuel <> wrote:
Hai,I have a hash map which takes its input and key from a file. I store it on the server
Startup.  Now the  file content will be changed automatically and i want to reload the hash
map automatically after hitting some handler. What i see is, after reloading the hash map
using the handler, iam able to see the new Contents and the old contents alternatively.All
the thread process are not getting updated with the new changes.Please reply me 1. If you
have solution for this to reload the hash map automatically.2. How to kill the old threads
which is having the old hash map and to spawn new threads with the new Contents.Thanks in
advance,Jaysingh Samuel
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