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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: mod_fcgid license questions
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2008 05:20:18 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> How many are we talking about (in the significant category)?  The
> easiest way probably depends on how many people, how easy they are
> to contact, etc.

   Ryan, do you have a rough sense of this?

   From my own review of the ChangeLog, it looks like there are
roughly about 10-12 major contributions by others (two of whom are
httpd committers).  There are lots of additional people listed,
but these seem to divide up between minor patch contributions,
thanks for bug reports or for testing a bug fix, or thanks for
suggesting a possible new feature.

   Clearly, though, we'll need Ryan to look through and identify
the major contributors.

> I'd prefer that we simply sponsor this effort under the httpd PMC here
> at our project.
> We have to file an IP code clearance through the Incubator, but that's
> relatively simple (and a good part is finished already now that the
> appropriate paperwork is filed with the secretary).
> Does anyone feel that the addition of mod_fcgid should be driven through
> the incubator?  Speaking first hand, it didn't resolve the shortcomings
> of lack of community behind mod_aspdotnet, and didn't really give mod_ftp
> the visibility it needed (and attracted once it graduated).  So for most
> existing modules, I don't think it solves many of the problems we might
> or might not face here at httpd.

   I really don't know all the options here, but from what you describe,
it sounds like a faster track to get the IP code clearance done would
be ideal, if possible.  So, a +1 from me if this is feasible.



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