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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r724745 - in /httpd/httpd/trunk: include/ap_socache.h modules/ssl/ssl_scache.c
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 21:22:13 GMT
Joe Orton wrote:

> mod_shmap would be useful at least in modules/test so I can write some 
> perl-framework tests for mod_socache!

   OK, I'll think about doing that.  The m4/dsp/NWGNU wizardry required
makes me tired just thinking about it, though.  :-)  In the meantime,
I think they compile again against the latest API.

> Ah, I was waiting for Ruediger to ask ;)

   Ho ho ho -- yes, he and Jim have caught me out on too many things
to count.

> Personally I think it is redundant maintaining fine-grained API versions
> across changes in unreleased code.  Also, if we are going to API version,
> arguably it should be done by bumping the provider version.  But really,
> I don't care ;)

   Personally, I'd have to agree with you in principle about maybe
not needing to track unreleased code so carefully.  Interesting
thought about provider versions.  I wonder if there are other providers
elsewhere in trunk which we should really bump.

> Personally, I don't think it's a big enough deal to repaint the 
> bikeshed.  It's an API for module developers, so, if someone gets 
> confused with mod_so, what's the worst that could happen? <cue disaster 
> movie>

   Well, there is that.  If no one seems to think mod_so and
mod_socache* conflict name-wise, I'll just hush up permanently on
this point.  Cheers,


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