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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject mod_fcgid license questions
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2008 22:15:37 GMT
Hi --

   I believe Pan Qingfeng (潘庆峰), the developer of mod_fcgid, has
joined this list for the time being while the possibility of mod_fcgid
becoming project in the Apache incubator is discussed.  I'll use his
English name of Ryan Pan from here on.

   I asked Ryan to join so that he could answer the couple of questions
regarding the origin of the mod_fcgid code and his licensing intentions
which have come up so far, and also to thank him publicly for being
willing to consider contributing mod_fcgid to the ASF.

   Ryan, the main question which has come up in the last couple of
days seems to be this one:

    When you wrote mod_fcgid, was there any code which you borrowed
    from mod_fastcgi?

   The other questions I had related to the existing license for

    Your current intention is for mod_fcgid to be available under
    the GPL version 2.0, correct?  Could you confirm that you wanted
    the GPL to apply to all the mod_fcgid code?

    (I ask because the LICENSE file in mod_fcgid contains the GPL 2.0,
    however, the .c and .h files don't also include the usual GPL text.)

   Finally, Ryan, would you mind re-stating for the record your
interest in the idea of mod_fcgid becoming an Apache project?

   I'd like to personally extend my thanks to Ryan for developing
mod_fcgid in the first place, for his interest in the idea of
contributing it to the ASF, and for being willing to work through
the licensing issues that will involve.  Many thanks!

   (I'd also like to thank my colleague Sharon or Xiaomei Ma (笑梅),
an excellent developer in her own right, for her help translating
some of the communications Ryan and I have already had.)


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