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From Max Dittrich <>
Subject Re: mod_fcgid incubation?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 21:25:55 GMT

Chris Darroch wrote:
> Hi --
>    As Paul Querna noted recently, some folks are using mod_fcgid
> these days instead of mod_fastcgi, in part because it was (I believe)
> the first of the two to work with httpd 2.2.  Unfortunately, the
> original developer of mod_fcgid, Pan Qingfeng, has largely moved on
> to other things.
>    He and I have been in touch lately about long-term maintenance
> of mod_fcgid.  (We've helped by a colleague of mine who can translate
> fluently between Chinese and English, although Pan Qingfeng's English
> is quite good as well.)  In a pinch, I've offered to help get releases
> out and review some of the queued-up patches contributed by various folks.

I don't know much about the legal issues, but I think it's a good time
to decide about that.

FastCGI is very popular and should be available by the
apache-distribution. mod_fcgid did a nice start with their
process-control (in shared hosting environments), but it's lacking good
documentation and active maintenance.

When I read the question about the current development state of
mod_fcgid, I thought about to spent some time on it to (try to) improve
things, but I wouldn't be worth if Apache httpd would come up with
native FastCGI support in 2.4.x.


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