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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Scoreboard question
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 14:23:02 GMT

I am working on a monitoring tool that works independently from apache 
and analyzes the scoreboard stored in shared memory. One thing I am 
trying to monitor is the current req/sec and bytes/sec rate. On my test 
system I get about 3.5-4 Mbytes/sec (while testing with ab) which 
corresponds to the output in the mod_status page.

But then suddenly the rate jumps to about 9 Mbytes/sec and I cannot 
explain it. I suspect it starts when the first generation of worker 
processes has reached MaxRequestsPerChild.

Am I right that the worker_score members access_count and bytes_served 
are only increased over the whole lifetime of the server?

Do they reflect the sum of requests and bytes served by any process 
using the slot?

Initially I had simply added up those values from all worker_score 
entries. Then I took from mod_status this condition:

	    if( ws->access_count!=0 ||
		(ws->status!=SERVER_READY &&
		 ws->status!=SERVER_DEAD) )

which doesn't seem to help much.

Are there any conditions when a worker_score must not be counted?


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