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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: mod_fcgid incubation?
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 21:56:43 GMT
On Tue, 09 Dec 2008 10:30:54 -0800
Chris Darroch <> wrote:

>    He and I have been in touch lately about long-term maintenance
> of mod_fcgid.  (We've helped by a colleague of mine who can translate
> fluently between Chinese and English, although Pan Qingfeng's English
> is quite good as well.)  In a pinch, I've offered to help get releases
> out and review some of the queued-up patches contributed by various
> folks.

If IP issues can be dealt with, then I'd say a definite +1.
FastCGI is one of our most popular third-party extensions,
and mod_fcgid appears to be the best available implementation.

Does anyone have a complete list of people who have made nontrivial
contributions, such that their IP might be affected?

>    One key question I have (jumping ahead a little) is whether
> everyone who has contributed a patch to the project needs to contacted
> and a signed contributor agreement recovered from them.  If not, then
> I would think that we'd just need a CLA from Pan Qingfeng to proceed
> (and perhaps, in that case, we could skip the incubator stage, as
> Apache ZooKeeper recently did).

Possibly a software grant rather than a CLA, if he's basically handing
it to us.  But yes, we'd need to act together.

>    If we do need CLAs from all patch contributors, that might take
> more time.  Fortunately, there's a good change log for the project
> with names and email addresses; it includes some of the usual suspects
> (like Paul Querna and myself) but also a number of other folks we'd
> need to track down.

It's unfortunate there's no clear copyright statement, but would it
not be reasonable to assume Copyright Pan Qingfeng and deal with him?
Contact other contributors as a courtesy, but not let it worry us if
some of them prove uncontactable, only if someone actually objects?

Nick Kew

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