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From "Bruce Mills" <>
Subject ap_run_pre_config issue
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2008 01:02:54 GMT

I am installing a web-based CVS on Win32, and am trying the route of
installing Cygwin, and then using the Unix sources. I have done this before
and got it to work with little problem. But, this time I found that
httpd dies on
startup with no log messages. Debugging through the source (in main.c) I
found that ap_run_pre_config died without comment. Chasing this issue I
found bug 45076 on the Apache bugzilla, saying I needed to call
apr_hooks_sort_all, and included a patch file. So far so good.

But, the patch file Failed (I am using apache 2.2.10) and my various attempts
to adjust the code along those lines have not produced a solution to
the problem.

What is the status of this issue now?

Any suggestions on how to get this running?

Any help appreciated.


FYI -- in parallel I am trying also trying the windows MSI, to get it running,
but have some problems with DLLs, since I need to use a CGI executable
that is compiled under Cygwin. I have also tried the windows source, but
ran into file-format (0x0A) issues and have just had a lot more luck in the
past with simply adjusting the environment to get the Unix code compiled.
Also, I just feel happier with the Unix code, and would like to get this to

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