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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject Time for 2.2.11?
Date Sat, 15 Nov 2008 20:50:27 GMT
Not that much time has passed since we released 2.2.10 (one month), but
I would like to see a release of 2.2.11 in the near future.
2.2.10 has two regressions, one against 2.2.8 (crashes caused by the
proxy) which is already backported and one against 2.2.9 (errors in
openssl detection) which is currently proposed for backport and
misses two votes.
There are two further changes in the STATUS file that only miss one
additional vote.

With these 3 changes in the pipeline and the 10 changes already done
for 2.2.11 I think we have enough stuff for a release given the
two regressions above.

I even volunteer to be the RM for this release and if the remaining
proposals get in I would like to T&R on 29th / 30th of November and
release on 6th / 7th of December if the voting passes.

And yes I know some of us will be disappointed that some things will
miss the boat again (especially SNI), but they wouldn't be in a 2.2.x
release even if we do not release 2.2.11 at the beginning of December.




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