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From MENEAULT Maxime <>
Subject Re: ap_run_pre_config issue
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 14:16:29 GMT
Bruce Mills wrote:
> Hi,
>> I just added patch for 2.2.10. enjoy! (I didn't test it but...
>> should work)!
> I untarred another copy of httpd-2.2.10, and tried the patch.
> The patch worked just fine, thanks. But, the code still died
> silently at the same place (second call to ap_run_pre_config).
>> Are these machine different in terms of CPU's word
>> size (32-bit vs 64-bit)?
> The two machines are both 32-bit, one is an old desktop
> IBM ThinkCentre, Pentium-4, the other is a 1-year-old Toshiba
> laptop. I also used the exact same disk for the cygwin install.
> The desktop has Macafee security, which has caused me a
> number of troubles, but it is not obviously implicated this time.

As it doesn't seem to be an easy issue you'll have to use gdb next time....

> The demo is on monday, and I have the msi installed and
> running, so I will stick with this for now.  When the real
> server host is delivered in a months time, I will go through
> the motions again. I don't think my boss would give me the
> time to chase the problem right now. (The machine I got it
> running on was my personal laptop).
> Thanks for your help on this,
> Bruce.

You're Welcome.


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