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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Simple MPM is in trunk
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 08:41:07 GMT
harish kulkarni wrote:

> We are planning to use apache in forward proxy mode, but in case the 
> server response has latency of 2+secs.. we see that to support high 
> traffic say 5K/sec we require huge number of threads. We see a huge CPU 
> usage...
> Just to take an example to support 3K req/secs we have to have 3K+ threads.
> Is there some thing wrong in our configuration ? Please suggest us if we 
> have to do any changes in confirguration and just wanted to know using 
> apache as forward proxy with high request rate as we are talking about 
> would be a good choice?.
> we are using single process model with event_mpm.
> But when  we run the same load on lighty we see good performance.
> Is simple MPM is going to add any good value to help get good 
> performance from apache?. Is it going to true event driven model?.

What happens we you try the worker and/or prefork MPMs, but with all the 
modules you don't need turned off? (In other words, remove all 
LoadModule lines and turn back on the ones you need only).

I can imagine that for a forward proxy, you could turn off almost 

Threads in themselves aren't expensive, but all the request processing 
that Apache can do will be expensive if it is there but you're not using it.


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