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From MENEAULT Maxime <>
Subject Re: ap_run_pre_config issue
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2008 20:58:55 GMT
Bruce Mills wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your response. From what you say, I expect that you are
> right, that it won't solve my problem. If it is something you can do
> quickly I'd like to try the patch, just in case. If that does not work,
> then I will attack the Cygwin-gcc side of the equation. I now have
> the same version of source compiled and running on another
> machine, and have added an alien module to it without breaking
> anything. So, there must be `something' about the machine in
> question, whatever the answer.
> Thanks again,
> Bruce.
I just added patch for 2.2.10. enjoy! (I didn't test it but... should work)!

Are these machine different in terms of CPU's word size (32-bit vs 64-bit)?

> On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 11:33 PM, MENEAULT Maxime <> wrote:
>> Bruce Mills wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am installing a web-based CVS on Win32, and am trying the route of
>>> installing Cygwin, and then using the Unix sources. I have done this
>>> before
>>> and got it to work with little problem. But, this time I found that
>>> httpd dies on
>>> startup with no log messages. Debugging through the source (in main.c) I
>>> found that ap_run_pre_config died without comment. Chasing this issue I
>>> found bug 45076 on the Apache bugzilla, saying I needed to call
>>> apr_hooks_sort_all, and included a patch file. So far so good.
>>> But, the patch file Failed (I am using apache 2.2.10) and my various
>>> attempts
>>> to adjust the code along those lines have not produced a solution to
>>> the problem.
>>> What is the status of this issue now?
>> Hi,
>> I discovered bug 45076 and produced patches for it but nobody really paid
>> attention to it. So I didn't add new patches for 2.2.10.
>> However on a fresh install (i.e. without any proprietary modules using the
>> preconfig hook ordering) it shouldn't core dump.
>> I actually discovered the bug because I am developping modules that rely  on
>> a correct execution order of the pre config hook.
>> I didn't check 2.2.10 (I am still on 2.2.8) but I don't think that built-in
>> modules rely on pre_config hook ordering.
>> I can produce a 2.2.10 patch if you need it or if any developer is willing
>> to fix 45076 issue. It is pretty easy to fix.
>> Unfortunately I don't think it would solve your issue.
>> Maybe a linker issue or Cygwin related bug?

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