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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon Presentations
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2008 12:45:35 GMT
Paul Querna wrote:

> Of course, I think everyone should look at the mod_wombat stuff, since 
> my personal intention is to import it for 2.4 to the core :-)

Sell this idea to me.

When you say "in the core", do you mean "in the /server directory in the 
source", or do you mean in "modules/wombat"?

What does mod_wombat in the core buy us?

If I don't want mod_wombat, can I choose to not load the module like I 
can choose to not load any of the others?

How big is mod_wombat?

I understand that the intention is for mod_wombat to be used in aiding 
configuration, what if I just want to stick with a plain old flat 
non-programmatic config file, will I still be able to do that?

Inquiring minds need to know :)


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