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From Christian Klinger <>
Subject Help: Extending an add on module
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 11:08:57 GMT

i try to extend an already existing apache module mod_auth_tkt!
mod_auth_tkt reads from a cookie login information and additional user data.

The login-information in cookie is a md5 hash. The additional data are 
in plain text.

Now i set the additional data in the cookie as a blowfish encrypted 
string. This seems to work so far.

Now the tricky part.
I have included openssl/blowfish in the mod_auth_tkt.c
#include <openssl/blowfish.h>

I try to get my key config with this command:

   BF_set_key(&key, 8, (unsigned char *)bf_key[1]);
   BF_Decrypt(b, &key);

I hope this is correct so far?
make && make install works so far.

But if i try to start apache i get this error message:

Syntax error on line 235 of /opt/apache/server/conf/httpd.conf:

Cannot load /opt/apache/server/modules/ into server: 
/opt/apache/server/modules/ undefined symbol: BF_Decrypt

Any ideas where i can look for this?


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