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From Bruno Harbulot <>
Subject Re: mod_ssl, SSL_CLIENT_CERT_CHAIN, mod_proxy_ajp and full chain of client certificates
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 16:14:26 GMT

Mladen Turk wrote:
> Bill Barker wrote:
>> Mladen's patch to mod_jk is simplier than this one, so I would prefer 
>> it to this one.  But I have no voting rights on this list :).
> Right, I'll prepare something for mod_proxy as well.
> It is on my TODO list for a long time.

Thank you. As I was saying in my previous message on this list [*], I've 
been able to get the full chain of certificates with mod_jk successfully 
with Jetty. One of the reasons I wanted to change is that the Jetty team 
now recommends using mod_proxy.
In fact, they also suggest using mod_proxy_http rather than mod_proxy_ajp.
For this, I think getting the full chain of certificate would require a 
variable in mod_ssl (for example SSL_CLIENT_CERT_CHAIN as it's done 
using my patch, or something else and/or a better patch), combined with 
a custom header via mod_headers. Of course, this would also require the 
reverse proxy to clear such a user-provided request header, if present, 
to avoid spoofing. I suppose this could be useful for other containers 
behind a reverse proxy, even if they don't support AJP.

Best wishes,



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