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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Environment confusion
Date Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:41:54 GMT

On Oct 20, 2008, at 1:19 PM, Graham Leggett wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have just been picking apart the way that environment variables  
> are handled at config time within httpd, and there seems to be some  
> overloading on concepts that has caused some confusion.
> There are two environments within httpd, the first is the read only  
> system environment that is read using getenv(), the second is the  
> server->vars table that is read/write using mod_env and friends.
> A recent addition was made (it's on trunk and 2.2) that allows httpd  
> to include system variables in config directives, like this:
> DocumentRoot ${DOCUMENT_ROOT}
> The system environment variable DOCUMENT_ROOT is parsed and placed  
> in the config line, so far so good.
> What isn't possible however, is this:
> SetEnv WEBAPP app1
> <Location /${WEBAPP}>
>  ServerAdmin ${WEBAPP}
>  ... other cool template style stuff ...
> </Location>
> In this case, SetEnv sets a variable within mod_env's server->vars,  
> but this is ignored by ap_resolve_env, and so doesn't work as the  
> user might expect it to.
> Zooming in some more on the way mod_env's environment works.
> The mod_env environment in server->vars starts off empty, and then  
> is populated by explicit allocation (SetEnv), or by copying the  
> value from a system environment variable to a mod_env environment  
> variable (PassEnv).
> Would it make sense when parsing the config to try and insert  
> mod_env's server->vars variables first, and then if not present,  
> fall back to (the current behaviour of) looking at the system  
> environment?
> This will make some interesting templating options possible, and  
> will probably make lives easier for people doing mass hosting.

But isn't that 2 different things? Do we really want WEBAPP to be in
the running process env space and contaminate that? If people want  
I tend to point them to mod_macro, which I like quite a bit...

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