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From Matt Stevenson <>
Subject Re: Speeding up mod_proxy_balancer on Windows
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 20:15:13 GMT

I think the option of sub second connection timeouts is a good thing. It also has the nice
benefit of fixing windows interest RST behavior.  It also means a jk/http proxy can do things
some L7 switches can't do. I've also had a need of it in the past.

For most cases a connection is going to be very quick (LAN < 20 msec, good or bad (RST)
) or be very long if unreachable/not there (apache timeout?). So on a LAN a second is to big,
especially if you have an average HTTP response of 15-30 milli sec (keepalive connection).
I've ran apaches where that was the main aim. A 1 sec connection timeout is 30 times the normal
response time, kind of large in that case.

I think the connect timeout is meaningful in the 0-10 second range which is better served
by having micro second timeout value (well milli second but apache timeout seem to be usec
or sec?).

Anyway having the connection timeout is great (sec or usec), thanks for applying the patch
to trunk.



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