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From Paul Querna <>
Subject Simple MPM is in trunk
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 07:12:51 GMT
I've added the Simple MPM to trunk:

It isn't a fork on the previous MPMs, it is a about as clean room as it 
can get, and tries to keep every part of the MPM compartmentalized. At 
the same time it uses APR and APR-Util as much as possible.

One of the major departures is that it doesn't use any of the functions 
from os/unixd/, which I believe is a good long term decision, since I 
would like to get the MPM working on Windows.

I believe this MPM should be the default in 2.4 on Unix platforms.

It obviously isn't ready yet, but I believe it lays a good foundation on 
a hybrid threading/event model that will let Apache 2.4 do more with 
less resources.

What works:
- You can run httpd -X, and it creates the main event loop, registers 
listener sockets, and can serve some basic http pages.
- Normal command line things like -t, -V, etc all should work as expected.

What doesn't work:
- The name.  Someone suggest something better than "Simple".

- Spawning children processes.

- Keepalive has some issues.

- Timeouts.  Need _lots_ of thought on how to manage a timeout system 
with pools for the connection, right now its too easy to register a 
timer with a baton allocated out of a pool that gets destroyed.

- Lots of things, patches welcome :-)

What is on purpose:
- SimpleProcCount and SimpleThreadCount.  I hate MaxClients, 
MinSpareThreads, MaxSpareThreads, ThreadsPerChild, ThreadLimit, 
StartServers, StartThreads, and ServerLimit. They are all going to die 
in 2.4.




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