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From Ruediger Pluem <>
Subject PR45605 and event MPM
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2008 23:03:14 GMT
I am currently looking at PR45605 (
and the analysis and the resulting patch in Comment 4 look good to me
( As worker and event MPM
are very similar I had a look if and how this patch is applicable to the event MPM.
I noticed that ap_queue_info_wait_for_idler is quite different in worker and event MPM.
One comment in the event version of ap_queue_info_wait_for_idler confuses me:

* A negative value in queue_info->idlers tells how many
*     threads are waiting on an idle worker.

IMHO this would require ap_queue_info_wait_for_idler to be called by different threads,
but I can only see calls via get_worker from the listener thread and AFAICT there
is only one listener thread in event like in worker.
Do I miss something here?
If not, does the code need to stick to the behaviour mentioned in the comment
(callable by different threads) or is the comment just wrong?
A wrong comment would make it easy to transfer the worker solution to event.
Otherwise an other solution needs to be found.



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