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From "Eric Covener" <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 15:52:48 GMT
On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:22 AM, System Support
<> wrote:
> On 22 Oct 2008 at 7:38, Eric Covener wrote:
>> It's not in the manual, but RewriteMap programs aren't started when
>> they're defined in a context that doesn't have  "RewriteEngine on".
>> --
>> Eric Covener
> Thanks,
> That is not intuitive.  I had a RewriteRule on in the Directory container, but you can
not define the
> prg there, so that was done in the containing VirtualHost.  I tried adding the RewriteEngine
> and RewriteLogLevel in the master http config but that evidently does not carry through
to the
> VirtualHost, which is also not obvious.

The context issue is explicit in the manual

> a) If a rule triggers a prg that has not been loaded, there should be an error in the
appache error
> log regardless of the RewriteLogLevel.  I get an error if I specify an invalid RewriteMap
txt file, for
> example.

Report it as an enhancement request for mod_rewrite, this is the
context where no log msg is issued:

    /* when `RewriteEngine off' was used in the per-server
     * context then the rewritemap-programs were not spawned.
     * In this case using such a map (usually in per-dir context)
     * is useless because it is not available.

> b) I think that the syntax checking should catch and warn about programs defined with
> RewriteEngine off.

I think a reminder in the doc is sufficient here.  Anyone?

> c) The Apache Server Information display should show which rewrite programs have been
> loaded.

Patches welcome on this one, but there's always ps output for
debugging purposes.

> d) Apparently every VirtualHost has its RewriteLogLevel set to the default of 0.   I
would think that
> setting the log level at the top container should override the defaults in the VirtualHosts.
> putting a debugging log level in the top container, I am indicating that I do not know
where the
> problem is and want everything traced - I should not have to identify where the problem
is first so
> that I can identify where the problem is.
> This, however, does seem to be consistent with the behavior of the general LogLevel and
> probably has been the source of past discussions.

This is consistent with the rest of mod_rewrite and RewriteOptions doc.

> e) The documentation for the RewriteOptions directive should at least mention that inherit
> includes the RewriteLog settings and RewriteEngine settings as well at maps,conditions,
> rules.  This small change would have cut a week off of my troublshooting since I would
> wondered why you needed to inherit them and then realized that each VirtualHost had its
> settings.

I think this is already okay in the doc -- it's not constrained to Rules.

> f) The documentation that indicates that the program is started once, when the Apache
server is
> started should add 'provided it was *defined* in a RewriteEngine on context'.

I added this earlier this morning.

Eric Covener

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