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From "Rustam Abdullaev" <>
Subject Re: Anyone here with knowledge of MPM event?
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 12:20:03 GMT
>> Is it possible to add some flags to the EOS metadata bucket? For example, 
>> to have a 'continuation' EOS bucket, which would cause the MPM to 
>> 'replay' the original http request after a certain time (or on demand). 
>> In essence there would be 2 separate requests, but they would share the 
>> same connection.
>> To me this looks like a fairly small change to the overall architecture. 
>> Most changes would be inside the Event MPM.
>> Thoughts? Is this possible?
> What you are describing is HTTP Keep Alive[1], and the Event MPM already 
> does this :-)

Yes, it's similar to keep-alive, but different. Sorry, my explanations were 
not clear enough. To the client this must look like 1 http request, but in 
the server it would span 2 requests.

With keep-alive we have:

1. http request #1
2. http response #1
3. wait (client decides how long)
4. http request #2
5. http response #2

What I want is:

1. http request #1
2. client receives nothing back (response #1 is suppressed)
3. wait (Server decides how long)
4. server internally re-plays request #1 as if it was sent from the client 
for the 2nd time (it wasn't)
5. http response #2

So, I want steps 1,2 and 4,5 to be in two different requests, so that the 
long wait does not consume a thread. For this to work the server would have 
to save and "re-play" the original http request in step 4. And suppress a 
response in step 2.

Hope this clears up my idea a bit. I don't think the event MPM can do this 
without modification.

More details on Comet can be found here:

- Rustam - 

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