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From "bing swen" <>
Subject Re: [community] 2.3.0 alpha on October 1?
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 17:02:33 GMT
Akins, Brian wrote on Tuesday, September 02, 2008 11:31 PM:
> sustain about 45k requests/sec on our build on a dual dual-core system 
> with
> a network card that supports Linux NAPI (that made a huge difference).
> Without much tuning 35k is pretty easy. (Note: this was very small files,
> bcs it's so easy to fill the network interfaces).
> Apache is slow is just FUD, plain and simple...

There is a little different viewpoint. According to some recent test reports 
comparing Apache 2.2 and Nginx 0.6/0.7 (from a blog website admin.), Apache 
could do as well as Nginx when there are a few connections each of which 
carries many many requests. The hard time for Apache came when there are 
many *slow connections*, each of which sends only a few small requests at 
large durations. In such condition, Apache could hardly respond when the no. 
of connections reached over 3,000 (even when there is still much free 
memory). By contrast, responses from Nginx kept full speed even with 10 
times more connections. It seems only to slow down when it runs out free 
memory, but not limited by concurrent connections. (The same is true for 
Apache on Win.Server '08. But I guess the Linux version might not have 
"Linux NAPI" support.)

Such slow connection issue happens to be the typical scenario of video, chat 
or blog authoring websites. No wonder they are willing to put aside their 
familiar Apache just for cutting off the budget. So it makes sense to 
concern whether Apache needs improving over this problem. If so, the only 
question is how;)

School of EE & CS,
Peking University,
Beijing 100871

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