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From "Akins, Brian" <>
Subject Re: Future direction of MPMs, was Re: svn commit: r697357 - in /httpd/httpd/trunk: include/ modules/http/ modules/test/ server/ server/mpm/experimental/event/
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 14:54:18 GMT
On 9/21/08 2:17 AM, "Bing Swen" <> wrote:

> But an optimal
> network i/o model needs a layer that maps a *request* to a thread, so that a
> worker thread (or process) will not have to be tied up entirely with a
> single connection during the whole life time of the connection. Instead, a
> worker can be scheduled to handle different connections, which helps both
> reducing the number of workers and the performance of request handling
> (especially on slow connections).

I still want to see this backed up with real world experience.  I know I
keep repeating myself, but in the real world, we have never seen the
supposed inherent performance problems in the worker model (1 connection = 1

It sounds great to theorize about the wonders of a completely event driven
or asynchronous model. However, it seems that this only nets real measurable
performance gains is very simplistic benchmarks.

I'm all for making httpd faster, scale better, etc.  I just don't want to be
extremely disappointed if we rewrite it all and gain nothing but a more
complicated model.  If we get great gains, wonderful, but I'd like to see
some actually numbers before we all decided to rework the core.

(Disclaimer: yes, I'm partially playing devil's advocate here.)

Brian Akins
Chief Operations Engineer
Turner Digital Media Technologies

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