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From "Ohad Lutzky" <>
Subject [flood] Critical section for flood_report_relative_times.c
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 09:28:35 GMT
>From flood_report_relative_times.c (SVN):

    /* FIXME: this call may need to be in a critical section */
    apr_file_printf(local_stdout, "%s %ld %s\n", buf,
apr_os_thread_current(), req->uri);
    apr_file_printf(local_stdout, "%s %d %s\n", buf, getpid(), req->uri);

The comment is right - it does need to be in a critical section. For
the case of multiple processes, flock can be used. However, for the
case of a single process, this doesn't work, and a mutex would be in
order. What would be the correct way to go about organizing such a
per-process mutex? Note that apr_file_printf indirectly calls
apr_file_write, which is thread-safe - however, it call it multiple
times, which can (and does) lead to interlacing in output.

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Ohad Lutzky

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