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From steve <>
Subject Re: [community] 2.3.0 alpha on October 1?
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 06:54:21 GMT
> Our latest builds, on some fairly modest hardware, are actually about twice
> as "fast" as numbers I posted last time async-vs-threads came up.  Apache
> can very easily fill multiple gigE interfaces on modest hardware.  We can
> sustain about 45k requests/sec on our build on a dual dual-core system with
> a network card that supports Linux NAPI (that made a huge difference).
> Without much tuning 35k is pretty easy. (Note: this was very small files,
> bcs it's so easy to fill the network interfaces).

Filling gigE and requests/sec aren't targets that concern me as a
user. They sound like nice beanchmarks though...

Latency is another story, so keeping connections open for 15minutes at
a time, and spoon feeding small bits of content quickly is more
important (for me). I guess that is why comet servers have come into
existence. Perhaps I just need to deal with the fact that we need
multiple kinds of HTTP servers.

(Speaking of pet peeves -- why does Apache handle so many things
besides HTTP, and yet I have to get other servers to handle certain
kinds of HTTP requests because Apache doesn't handle it well?)

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