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From Matthew Hodgson <>
Subject apachectl restart and configtest
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2008 23:37:31 GMT
Hi all,

Is there a reason why apachectl no longer asserts a successful 
configtest before trying to restarting or gracefully-restarting a 
running server?  This was the behaviour back in the days of 1.3, and 
avoided many a disaster where a running server was accidentally killed 
by a broken config.  Confusingly, the documentation still claims this 
behaviour to be the case (grep for "syntax check"). 
Nowadays (as of 2.2.x, at least), the httpd still kills the existing 
server on -k restart or graceful - even if its internal configtest fails.

It seems the original behaviour got killed off in

back in 2002.  Is there any chance it can be reinstated?  Someone filed 
a bug back in April of this year for this at - and I've just 
posted a trivial patch against trunk there which provides the required 



Matthew Hodgson <>
Media & Systems Project Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 845 666 7778

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