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From "Jorge Schrauwen" <>
Subject Re: [community] 2.3.0 alpha on October 1?
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2008 11:47:35 GMT
On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 10:09 AM, Bing Swen <> wrote:

> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote on 2008年8月22日 9:03:
>> Which brings me to the other half of [community], I'm proposing we hold
>> an Apache httpd {next} barcamp session for the community who are at
>> ApacheCon BarCamp on Tuesday to learn about what has changed, what might
>> change, and perhaps if we get enough folks to express interest ... about
>> what they want to change.
> Another related question: We haven't been able to build httpd on 64-bit
> Windows for about two and half years, since the April 2006 release of
> httpd-2.2.2 (But x64 build is crucial for our application, and that's why we
> are still using that "aged version"). Shall we have 64-bit Windows release
> in the near future, say 2.2.10? (btw, we are really delighted to see that
> now APR has a *clean* compile on x64 Windows.)
> Bing
> ----

This is no true. The latest version I've been able to compile was 2.2.9

You are however correct that it's getting more cumbersome! Vista + VS
2005/2008 is a no go. I'm using a XP x64 with VS 2005 in vmware to build it
now. Also command line building is busted Using the IDE it's still possible.


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> Peking University,
> Beijing 100871

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