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From "Dan Poirier" <>
Subject HTTP Protocol: How frequently should browser repeat requests after 304 responses?
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:00:32 GMT
I've looked at mod_expires doc and RFC 2616, but can't really
tell what the right behavior is supposed to be in this case.

Using mod_expire to set the expiration time to something like
"access plus 1 hour", we see a browser request a file, get back
a 200 with the expiration, and not request it again for an hour,
as expected.  The next time, it uses an if-modified-since and
gets back a 304, also good.  But from then on, it keeps coming
back to the server every time and getting back 304's.

The 304 responses won't have any cache control information, of
course, per RFC 2616 10.3.5.

Two questions:
1) Is the browser behaving properly, or should it wait another hour
after each 304 before making another request?

2) If the browser behavior is right, is there a way to configure
Apache to tell the browser to only check once an hour instead of
every time?


Dan Poirier <>

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