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From jleslie48 <>
Subject Re: system() call on apache server/windows xp pro host
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:25:50 GMT

mturk wrote:
> jleslie48 wrote:
>> I know my usage is a bit unusual, but it is important that I can get this
>> done.  
> It is, and this sort of question is for users group, not dev one.
>> which launches a notepad.exe session on the hosted machine like it
>> should,
>> however its owner is "SYSTEM" and the notepad session does not have an
>> active window, aka, its not on the taskbar, but it does exist in the task
>> manager as a process, although I can't attach my screen/keyboard to it.  
>> How do I launch the notepad session normally from a cgi???
> Since you work with desktop, modify the service to use your
> account instead SYSTEM, and enable 'Interact with desktop'
> property. However, this won't work on Vista, and successors,
> but on XP it should.
> Regards
> -- 
> ^(TM)
Thank you very much for response.  I figured that since I was writing the
cgi, that it was a developers question, and not a users, sorry if I put it
in the wrong section. 

 AHHH!!!!  I found it.  in the system tray, right-click on the apache icon,
and the "open services" button. 
right click on the "apache2" service, tab to "logon" and there it is.  I
stopped and restarted the service, 
and all is working now.  

This is perfect. 


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