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From Sander Temme <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Dynamic locking upcalls in mod_ssl
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 15:09:52 GMT

On Aug 21, 2008, at 7:41 AM, Joe Orton wrote:

>> Yes, with the cleanup it no longer hangs.  What about stashing a pool
>> reference in a global, is that a red flag?
> Given that the lifetime of the callbacks is now constrained, is the  
> new
> global pool still needed?

As RĂ¼diger mentioned, the pool is no longer created out of a NULL  
parent.  Putting in the cleanup allowed me to use pconf without  
hanging the parent on shutdown.  It's still a global reference,  
because the prototypes of the OpenSSL callbacks don't allow me to pass  
user data back in.

> Also any reason to put the structure in ssl_private.h rather than  
> the .c
> file directly?

None.  I'll move it.


Sander Temme
PGP FP: 51B4 8727 466A 0BC3 69F4  B7B8 B2BE BC40 1529 24AF

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