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From "Bing Swen" <>
Subject Re: [community] 2.3.0 alpha on October 1?
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2008 13:49:07 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> Which brings me to the other half of [community], I'm proposing we hold
> an Apache httpd {next} barcamp session for the community who are at
> ApacheCon BarCamp on Tuesday to learn about what has changed, what might
> change, and perhaps if we get enough folks to express interest ... about
> what they want to change.

Dose anybody ever think of improving the runtime performance of Apache httpd 
to be
somewhere close or at least comparable to that of Nginx? At this time Nginx 
is only
a test version, but as far as I know here in China, its efficiency gain is 
so tempting that
the 0.6.x and 0.7.x versions have dominated the flash-video websites, most 
of which
are top traffic-ranked ones.

Lighttpd is another excellent example that provides far more better runtime 

Although Apache is famous for its modular design and configuration 
flexibility, it seems
these new comers are challenging the relevance of Apache in real use. Is 
there any
chance for Apache to get much better performance while retaining its design 

To my knowledge, the "one thread per connection" network i/o model is a 
suboptimal use
of the Windows IOCP (i/o completion port) mechanism. IOCP suggests that only 
a very few
threads (no. of CPU cores) would be sufficient to handle tens of thousands 
of requests.
Nginx uses an event driven i/o model, with economic memory allocation. 
Apache does
have an event driven MPM for some platform (needs further development to 

School of EE & CS,
Peking University,
Beijing 100871

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