Eric Covener wrote:
2008/7/16 Stusynski, Dan <>:
Hello devs,

It would appear that the MS LDAP SDK has an issue when Apache is compiled against it.

Our Apache 2.2.9 compiled with VC6 on Windows against the MS LDAP SDK seems to have an issue when searching for a DN that contains multibyte characters (non ascii), in this case a Chinese character. The ldap_search_ext_s(...) from util_ldap.c returns with a USER_NOT_FOUND.

For example, assuming a user exists in LDAP with a UID=testMBUser with a DN:
Have you tried this feature?  Presumably your data in LDAP is utf-8,
you just need to figure out what to convert _from_.
I'm pretty sure the issue here is that a UTF-8 DN is being sent but the MS LDAP SDK garbles this.

Jess Holle