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From Rafał <>
Subject Re: WebDav MOVE/COPY between servers
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 17:54:58 GMT
> If people *really* think that this functionality is needed,
My boss think ;) And I agree with him ;)

> than
> re-using COPY seems to make more sense (we could define a new variant
> that takes a Source header instead of the currently mandatory
> Destination header).
I've attached a path thats allows a COPY of resource to remote server. 
It ignores Overwrite and don't yet check for return values.

It contains two thinks that I would like to get your opinion of:

1. it defines DEBUG_GET_HANDLER so the deliver and set_headers dav hooks 
are defined
comments says that these functions are not properly implemented, could 
someone point me how to implement them properly, so the 
DEBUG_GET_HANDLER think could be finally removed?

2. it removes APACHE_PORT_HANDLING_IS_BUSTED from dav/main/utils.c
this code was added in 2002 to prevent some bug, but for me checking 
ports works ok...

And the question: is there any way to check if destination url points to 
remote server? I'm using servers with different ports, so the port 
checking workd, but what about server-names, ips, aliases and so on?

Best regards
  Rafał Malinowski

Tysiące pomysłów na urządzanie domu, mieszkania, 
ogrodu w jednym miejscu! 
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