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From Rafa%u0142 <>
Subject Re: WebDav MOVE/COPY between servers
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 17:27:54 GMT

I've done first part of the job - there is now a FETCH method that works 
in that way:

FETCH /destination/path HTTP/1.1

It fetches resource 
(with GET method) and stores it in /destination/path just like in PUT 

I've used mainly the PUT method code (it is unfortunately not re-usable, 
so i had to copy-paste-and-modify it..., maybe some refactoring needed?) 
and some code from mod_proxy.

It would be nice if someone made review of this code and tell me what is 
wrong and where this code can be enchanced.

Now I'll start to work on fetching whole collections, but I think it 
will be a lot harder that fetching simple resources.

Best regards
  Rafał Malinowski

DODA i Stachursky dźwigają muzę w Gdańsku, 
już w najbliższy weekend przyjdź na koncert. 
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