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From Andy Wang <>
Subject Re: Apache - MS LDAPSDK with multi-byte DN
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 16:35:03 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> That's correct.  Windows utf-8 code page 65001 or so is only a psuedo 
> page
> in all older and (afaik) newer flavors of windows).  So it's returning 
> this
> character in the local code page, can't represent it, and falls back 
> on '?'.
Yup, and that's what our assumption has been that this is occurring.
> Using the FnW equivilant, treating the args as utf-8 and passing the 
> args as
> unicode to ldap_search_ext_sW and resolving the return value back to 
> utf-8
> would resolve your issues.
I'm not certain what you're getting at here.  Our arguments to 
ldap_search_ext_sW all already contain valid utf-8 encoding as none of 
the arguments contain anything but us-ascii characters.  Or are you 
saying there's some extra conversion that needs to be done on us-ascii 
only character args?


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