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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Client authorization against LDAP using client certificates
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 09:13:42 GMT
Müller Johannes wrote:

> we want to use client authorization against LDAP using client certificates on Apache
webserver 2.2.
> Unfortunately this is not possible with Apache webserver at the current state of development.
> There have been third party modules (ModXAuthLDAP, mod_authz_ldap) in the past which
did this task quite well.
> But they haven’t been updated for years and therefore do not work with httpd newer
than 2.0.
> Therefore my company has put some effort in developing a reasonable solution for its

I think the thing that is missing is that the FakeBasicAuth option 
within mod_ssl should flag the request to say that a password isn't 

mod_authnz_ldap (and others) should then be taught to recognise this 
flag within the request, and not test the password if this is the case.


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