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From Julian Reschke <>
Subject DefaultType None directive
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 08:21:37 GMT

looking at <>:

>   ------- Comment  #64 From Phil Ringnalda  2008-07-03 00:07:23 PST  [reply] -------
> While I don't have any real expectation of action coming from a comment on a
> resolved bug, I still want to mention that the fix for this bug did not fix
> this bug: it made it _possible_ to "remove default MIME-type" while ignoring
> the part of comment 55 about "a) remove DefaultType from the standard
> file," which still combines a text/plain default with simply
> awful advice about using text/plain "If your server contains mostly ... HTML
> documents."

It seems Phil is correct in that this issue shouldn't be closed until 
the default httpd.conf also is changed.

Furthermore, has backporting been considered?

BR, Julian

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