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From Andy Wang <>
Subject Apache 2.2.9 default bindist/apr library problem
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 22:39:15 GMT
Hi all,
We noticed that with Apache 2.2.9 when the bundled APR is used, the 
bindist installation ends up having the following structure in bindist/lib:

There's the addition of apr-util-1/apr_ldap* files.

The default envvars script is still built with only 
/usr/local/apache2/lib in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and apr-util/Makefile defines:
APU_DSO_LIBDIR = ${libdir}/apr-util-1

so the libraries are pathed with ${libdir}/apr-util-1 directory in their 

As a result, the bindist installed Apache 2.2.9 isn't able to find 

Simple enough to workaround in envvars, but is the intention to continue 
to put libraries in subdirectories under apache/lib or was this an 
oversite?  Either way, envvars needs to be updated to include any new 
libraries for a bindist situation correct?


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