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From Joe Orton <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] SIGBUS when compiled with gcc 4.3
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 14:02:16 GMT
On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 11:50:58PM +0200, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> Hi,
> [I am resending this because the first mail did not get through. Sorry 
> if anyone gets this twice. Are non-subscriber addresses blocked from 
> posting?]

I believe they go into the moderator queue.

> when compiled with gcc 4.3 on Sparc under Linux, Apache 2.2.9 
> sometimes crashes with SIGBUS in the ssl shmcb code.
> Adding __attribute__((__noinline__)) (which is already present in
> ssl_scache_shmcb.c for the memset call) to the memcpy calls seems to 
> fix the problem.

Blech, thanks for tracking this down.  There is an outstanding PR that 
this happens with some Solaris compiler too, for which nobody has worked 
out a way to prevent inlining.

So I'd be inclined to bite the bullet and backport the rewritten shmcb 
from the trunk, which should avoid these alignment issues forever more.

Can you try the attached?

Regards, Joe

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