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From "Johnny Kewl" <>
Subject Re: WebDav MOVE/COPY between servers
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2008 10:38:08 GMT

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From: "Rafa%u0142" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 1:22 AM
Subject: WebDav MOVE/COPY between servers

> Hello.
>  My name is Rafał Malinowski. I want (really, I have to) add one feature
> to WebDav: support for MOVE/COPY with remote servers as 'Destination'.
>  As I looked into code and into specification such thing is allowed, but
> not implemented yet. I hope I'll have it done with some help from this
> list, and I hope it will not take more than one month of work ;)
>  If someone wants to help me/have some good advice, I would appreciate it.
> Best Regards
>  Rafał Malinowski

Hi Rafal,

Probably not going to be much help because we've only been doing something 
similar with Tomcat, but this is how we approached it.
When MS acts as a client, webdav becomes folders in the file system, so to 
do what you doing ie update a server and then copy that to all servers, it 
all comes down to simple file operations. Literally copying from folder to 
folder on a system.
On linux, you probably need a webdav client, but its got to be much the same 
ie in theory you dont have to touch the web dav service, just need to get 
hold of a decent open source client.
I imagine most will allow copying to and from local file systems... so you 
on your way.
I guess that could be turned into a little apache module... probably one 
already, or a little PHP/CGI.
Anyway because MS maps it to the file system, its effectively done 
already... there must be something similar in the ux world.

Also, would enquire into how guys to replication on Apache, and other 
technologies like file send...
We use webdav to upgrade server software, but use other methods to replicate 
files in a load sharing, normally custom posts, or writes across a LAN etc.

Good luck... only problem we had was we had to redo Tomcats webdav... I'm 
wondering if it the same on Apache, Microsoft and Apache TC, didnt like each 
other, slightly different protocols.

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